Yellow Dragon Fruit VS Red

In this section, you will know about the features, texture, and benefits of Red and Yellow Dragon fruit. Actually, The Dragon fruit helps you to reduce your blood sugar and maintains your cholesterol levels. It is excellent for the eyes and good for your dental health. It also maintains your heart health.
We shall discuss Yellow Dragon fruit VS Red. The Dragon is commonly known as Pitaya. Both Dragon fruits have different tastes and flavors. Yellow Dragon fruit is sweeter in taste with large size seeds.
On the other hand, the Red Dragon fruit is lesser sweet in taste with small seeds as compared to the yellow dragon fruit. Its texture is quite firm and soft with its inside flesh purple or pink color. Commonly the Yellow Dragon fruit is the sweetest Pitaya. The Red skinned species is larger in size than the Yellow Pitaya.
Now let’s compare both Pitayas.

Isolated dragonfruit. Cut red-fleshed pitahaya fruit isolated on white background with a clipping path

It is an admitted fact that dark vegetables and fruits contain more quantity of antioxidants than others. This is the reason that the Red Dragon Fruit has more quantity of antioxidants which make it more healthy for skin, eyes, and blood. Furthermore, the Red species is used in making tasty wine.

Yellow pitahaya (Hylocereus megalanthus) on white background

The Yellow Dragon Fruit has sugar accounts for about 20-25%, which makes it the sweetest fruit. Moreover, its seed size is larger than the seeds present in Red Dragon Fruit.
Which Dragon Fruit variety leave stains?
The Red pitaya leaves a dark pink stain on your lips, teeth, and on your clothes as well. Therefore it is recommended you take care if you are feeding the fruit to your children. On the other hand, the translucent colorless flesh of the Yellow pitaya doesn’t leave any stain on your body parts and clothes.
Flavor differences
All types of Dragon fruit are distinguished on the basis of the flavor they contain. The taste of the Red Dragon fruit is apparently sweeter than the White Dragon fruit with a hint of berry, while the Yellow Dragon fruit is much sweeter than both White as well as Red Dragon fruit. The Yellow Dragon fruit has a smooth and delicious character with a hint of lychee.

Seasonal differences
As you know that all Pitayas are related to the cactus plant, but it is an interesting fact that almost all Dragon fruit have different harvesting seasons. For example, the Yellow Dragon fruit is a winter fruit, instead of a summer fruit like the Red Dragon fruit.
The main harvesting periods for the most important varieties are as follows:
• Red Dragon fruit: June to September (Summer)
• White Dragon fruit: June to September (Summer) is almost the same for both the Red and White Pitayas.
• Yellow Dragon fruit: November to February (winter)

Red Pitaya is more visually charming
It is a profound fact that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If you like your kids to eat something healthy, they will have the urge to bite into the red flesh with small seeds, despite the colorless white flesh with big seeds.

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