Who killed Arshad Shareef? (A well-known journalist of Pakistan)

A famous journalist of Pakistan Arshad Shareef

In this section, you will come to know who Arshad Shareef was and who killed him. Basically, Arshad Shareef was a custodian of truth, a brave and brazen journalist of Pakistan. He was the son of the Pakistani nation. Arshad Shareef was killed in Kenya and it is so sad news for every Pakistani because every Pakistani admits the positive character and qualities of Arshad Shareef.

Why Arshad Shareef left Pakistan?

Arshad Shareef did not want to leave Pakistan in any case. Firstly he went to Dubai and then to Kenya.FIR was imposed on him, but he never showed any sort of fear about FIR. His close friends and family inforced him to leave Pakistan because they knew that his life is danger there. He also sometimes said that his life was in danger.

 Arsad Shareef wanted to return to come to Pakistan as soon as possible. He became a member of the BOL news family, but it still didn’t announce. Every member of the BOL family was so excited to hear this news.

The courage of Arshad Shareef

In Pakistan, when fear was prevail every city, every town, and every village in the form of bomb blasting. When no person came out of his house.  At that time of fear, only one person’s name comes, Arshad Shareef. He told the world how our army is fighting against the bomb-blasting terrorists.

Arshad Shareef died in Kenya

A well-known journalist and Anker person Arshad Shareef died in Kenya in an accident. According to sources, some days he was settled in England and reached in the city of Kenya. The native police of Kenya started to investigate the cause of his death.

Dead body of Arsad Shareef  is departed

The death of a famous and brave journalist has departed from Nairobi to Islamabad. His dead body will be buried on Thursday Oct-27-2022 in H eleven graveyard.

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