Technical Jobs

                                      Technical Jobs

Today in this section you will learn and understand the benefits of technical jobs. Technical jobs are for fresh, experienced workers and trainers. These jobs are available for people who have technical diplomas or technical degrees likewise DAE in any field of engineering or technology.

There are some high-paid technical jobs that you can join based on your interest. These are nuclear engineering, biotechnology engineering, marine engineering, electronics, and communication engineering, and computer science engineering. These all are less competitive and high-paying jobs.

You will know about all of these technical job salary packages and their educational requirements. It is recommended you join any of these fields of your interest to increase your income. In section, we summarize of them

Nuclear engineering

This technical job can be proven best for those candidates who take interest in science and technology. In near future, its demand is going to increase. We are using this technology in many areas nowadays, for example for generating electricity, making nuclear weapons, In space exploration, and in manufacturing nuclear medicines, etc.

A nuclear engineer is a person who with the help of radiation and nuclear energy makes any instrument that aids people. In order to become a nuclear engineer you should pass the intermediate exam in science with physics, chemistry, and mathematics. You can work in nuclear power plants, in the education sector, and for government and private organizations. A nuclear engineer’s salary depends on his post.

As a fresher a nuclear engineer can earn 20K to 25K and when he will gain an experience of 5 years and work in a high post, he can make 3 to 4 lakhs PKR.

Biotechnology engineering

It is a combination of biology and technology. If a student studying Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at the intermediate level can join this field. A Biotechnology engineer can create vaccines, medicine can introduce pollution control methods.

You can earn as fresher 25K to 30K salaries. When you will get 2 years of experience you can earn 45K to 60K as a biotechnology engineer. A biotechnology engineer can work in healthcare centers, research laboratories, pharmacy companies, and food manufacturing industries.

Marine engineering

Marine engineering is the operation, maintenance, and monitoring of mechanical systems aboard marine vessels, including boats, ships, and submarines. The task of a Marine engineer is exciting. You can enjoy a professional life with a handsome salary by joining marine engineering.  The basic task is to repair, maintain and look after ship submarines as well as other equipment used at sea. Joining marine engineering as a fresher you can earn about 30K to 40K per month. You can earn 70K to 80K gaining 2 years of experience.

Chemical engineering

In Chemical engineering you can grow your carrier very well.  It is because there is no limitation of jobs in this sector. After getting a diploma or degree in chemical engineering you can flourish your carrier in manufacturing, printing, chemical processing, milk and food industries, fertilizers, pesticides, drugs manufacturing, petrochemical plants, and petroleum refining plants.

You can also join the private or government sector after completing a course in chemical engineering. The work of a chemical engineer is not only restricted to designing and maintaining but also solve that involve the production or use of chemicals, fuel, drugs, food, and many other products. You can earn a fresher 20K to 25K salaries per month. You can also earn 40K to 60K salaries after getting 2 years of experience.

Electronics and communication engineering

All the devices such as mobiles, telephones, television, and radio, are manufactured by electronics and communication engineers. An electronic engineer manufactures satellite instruments that help to run our telephone, mobile, and internet services. You can earn a fresher 25K to 30K salaries per month.

If you got a master’s degree in electronics and communication engineering you can earn 30K to 35K salaries. After 2 years of experience, you can get a 50K salaries per month.

Computer science engineering

In computer science engineering, students are given detailed knowledge of computer software and hardware. If a student learns software development, he can work in the IT industry. You can earn a fresher 20K to 25K salaries per month in the IT industry. . You can also earn 40K to 50K after getting 2 years of experience.







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