Red vs white dragon fruit

Dragon fruit tree with ripe red fruit on the tree for harvest in greenhouse

In this section, you are going to know about the comparison between the Red and White Dragon fruits. The Dragon fruit also called the Pitaya belongs to the cactus plant. The Dragon fruit you know grows on a climbing cactus known as Hylocereus found in the tropical region of our planet.

It is the best source of fibers that help in the digestion process inside your body. The Dragon fruit is found in its unique appearance, crunchy texture, and delicious and sweet taste. Vitamins A & C are present in the Pitaya in reasonable quantities, which helps in different reactions inside your body.

The nutritional difference between Red and White Dragon fruit

You know that the fruit with redder color has more antioxidants. In another word, the red-fleshed Pitaya contains high quantity of antioxidants than the White. Furthermore, the Red species has more Vitamin C which also acts as an antioxidant.

Dominican Republic- Pitaya and lush vegetation

Now we turn to the white dragon fruit. It is usually said that the more saturated the fruit, the most powerful the taste. The White Dragon fruit is noticeably bigger and oval-shaped. Moreover, the White Dragon fruit has a high quantity of flavonoids which reduces the chance of inflammation.

White Dragon fruit is also a good source of fiber. The major function of fibers is to maintain digestion in your body. It also boosts the iron level inside the body. It means the White Dragon fruit acts as the transporter of oxygen in different parts of your body as it increases the iron level.

Flower Margins & Tips

The White Pitaya’s flower tips are light red and often they are yellow or green, while the Red Dragon fruit has dark red. Despite this distinction, both species produce white, sweet smell flowers.


These are the small triangles around the Dragon fruit body. They are also called the ears of Pitaya. The Red Dragon fruits contain thick and curvy scales. The scales have the ability to bend by hand, so farmers bend them to make them curvier to increase the Dragon fruit’s beauty. On the other hand, the white Dragon fruit has less number of scales on its body.

How do you identify a white or red dragon fruit?

Delicious yellow pitahaya fruits on a white marble table, flay lay

As mentioned before the White flesh Dragon fruits have less number of scales as compared to the Red dragon fruit. Regarding skin, the white Pitaya is more pinkish instead of the dark red from the red Dragon fruit. Both the Pitayas differ in size. The White Dragon fruit tends to be more extensive compared to the Red one.

Is White Dragon fruit sweeter than Red?

If we talk about the taste of both of these Dragon fruits, you will notice that the Red Dragon fruit is sweeter than the white. Sugar Dragon S8 is one of the sweetest Red Dragon fruit varieties. However, the white Ecuador Palora is one of the sweetest of all sweet Dragon fruits due to its BRIX sugar score being around 23 while the others are around 15 sugar score.

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