PTI long march a famous journalist Sadaf Naeem died came down the container of Ex-prime minister Imran Khan

The death of females journalist Sadaf Naeem


In this section, you will learn about the death of a well-known journalist and reporter of channel 5 Sadaf Naeem. She came down from the container of Ex-prime minister Imran and died. When he saw her dead body he said, what happened, what happened?  Ex-prime minister Imran Khan put his own shawl on her. Sadaf’s husband reached the civil hospital to take her dead body.

Who is responsible for the death of Sadaf Naeem

It is very sorrowful news about the death of journalist Sadaf Naeem. Another journalist Uzma Bukhari told that Imran Khan said before the beginning of the long march, it will be a bloody long march. But what kind of bloody long march is this in which the journalist gives her life.

Uzmai Bukhari raised a question is there no coverage for journalists who covered his long march and showed the people?

She also said that Imran Khan never put her death responsibility on the current government because it was his own long march. He will not take responsibility for her death. So who is responsible for her death?

Mariyam Aurangzaib the federal minister of information

Mariyam Aurangzaib the federal minister of information said Sadaf Naeem was so hard-working reporter. She also said about Sadaf Naeem that she gave coverage to almost all programs. She told SAMAA news channel that she could not believe her death yet.

Imran Khan Ex-prime minister

Imran Khan Ex-prime minister said that he is so sad about the death of a hard-working reporter and journalist Sadaf Naeem. He also postpones today’s long march due to this incident. The incident took place on the way to Mureedkay. Ex-prime minister also proclaimed that Arshad Sharif was a true man.

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