Mumbai to Goa cruise- things to know

We all yearn to experience the open sea breeze, sunrises, sunsets, and milky way views that
come with them. A cruise’s every moment, whether it is the starlit sky or the unending blue
water, has a tale to tell. A cruise from Mumbai to Goa is different from your typical experience.
For years, tourists have flocked to Mumbai and Goa Cruise to gaze at the glistening sand
beaches, unwind on clean beaches, and explore various attractions.
The Angriya Cruise and Cordelia Cruise are the most well-known cruises if you wish to see
extraordinary marine life and receive warm hospitality. These two cruises from Mumbai to Goa
are most popular among those with access to several modern amenities because of their
friendly hospitality and unmatched service. It has amenities, including a spa, bars, casinos, and
a pool that will help you unwind. A cruise vacation is one of the most memorable experiences
you will have.

Cordelia Cruises is one of the top cruise ships in India. True to its name, Cordelia seeks to
develop and advance the cruise industry in India by providing experiences that are upscale,
distinctly Indian, and elegant. The first multi-destination cruise company in India, Cordelia
Cruise. It offers top-notch concerts, action-packed excursions, and unique, authentic cuisines
while giving warm, welcoming service to visitors worldwide. On the Empress by Cordelia Cruise,
discover the splendor of life amidst the water.
The cruise is created and tailored especially for the Indian audience as well as foreigners
traveling to India who wishes to sample Indian hospitality, cuisine, and culture. Additionally, it
aids in the growth of related enterprises and the tourism industry. 2000 people can board it as it
travels from Mumbai to Goa.

Passengers board the Cordelia Cruise in Mumbai around 4 pm. They stay on board for 2 nights
and 3 days to complete their journey, arriving in Goa around 7 am.

There are 36 mini-suites, 162 balconies, 430 ocean-view rooms, and 209 interior rooms on the
Cordelia Cruise from Mumbai to Goa. Senior citizens and passengers with impairments can also
use customized accommodations and services.

Kids Zone is for kids between the ages of 10 and 13.
24-hour medical services, an art gallery, a theater and bar, a waterfront restaurant, a spa, and a
fitness center, and games of war, poker, and slot machines are all available.

For 2 nights and 3 days, the Mumbai to Goa Tour package with Cordelia Cruises costs Rs.
18,600 per person.
Elegant lodgings on the Cordelia Cruise offer breathtaking ocean views. It combines luxury,
relaxation, and enjoyment, and there are memorable moments everywhere you look. Beautiful
views of the Arabian Sea are available.

Some of the best leisure activities are provided by Cordelia Cruise. Those who want to watch
movies can go out on the deck to see them with others and take in live performances.

In October 2018, the first domestic cruise ship in India, the Angriya Cruise, set sail from Mumbai
to Goa. The Angriya Cruise Liner is 131 meters long and 17 meters wide. It is named after
Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre, the chief admiral of the Maratha Navy and the renowned “Shivaji of the
Indian Sea.”
The opulent Angriya Cruise can carry up to 400 tourists and 70 cruise participants. This trip
takes around 17 hours to finish the journey. So while you’re waiting, make the most of your time
by participating in some fun activities.

India sails from Mumbai Victoria Docks at 4:00 pm. It arrives at the Mormagao Cruise Terminal
in Goa at 9:00 am the next day.

There are 104 rooms on the Angriya Mumbai to Goa cruise.
The Angriya Cruise Liner’s accommodations come in five categories: Couple Rooms (king-size
bed and attached bathroom), Family Rooms, Buddy Rooms, Luxury Pods, and Dorms.

Infinity Pools, a Dry Dock Spa, two lounges (Sea Horse & Sorro Di), three bars (Aguada, Gaaz,
Goaf), two restaurants (Coral Reef and Sea Breeze), three open decks (Gaza, Monkey Deck,
Swimming Pool Deck), a library, one coffee shop (Ancora), and one souvenir shop are among
the amenities offered by the ship (Petara).


The cost of an Angriya Cruise ticket from Mumbai to Goa ranges from 6,300 to 10,130 per
person. There are various room kinds, and each has a distinct admission cost. A dinner buffet,
breakfast on board, tea/juice, and an evening snack are all extra.
With Angriya Cruises, you may enjoy the aquatic life and have the perfect vacation from Mumbai to Goa.

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