How you communicate your gender to the outside world

How you communicate your gender to the outside world

In this section, you will be able to learn and understand how you communicate your gender to outside world. Basically, gendered communication emphasizes the difference between verbal and nonverbal communication styles among men and women. Communication is the process of transfer of information from sender to receiver.

A sender is a person who sends instructions, ideas, and information for a specific purpose, while the receiver receives this information. Women usually use paralanguage for example gestures, speed of speaking, hesitation noises, and facial expression, while men prefer talking face-to-face.

The difference between male and female communication

Women use more adjectives in their conversation than men. For example, this dish is so delicious, you are so sweet, this story is very nice, etc. Their language shows sensitivity to the environment. Men use fewer adjectives that exhibit their carefree behavior towards the environment, but sometimes they use some adjectives like, good, great, and awesome.

Women also use color words while speaking to make something more vivid that men rarely use, for example unique, amazing, extraordinary, and so forth. On the other hand, men are seen to be very lazy to use these words quite often.

Male and female communication style

Men are seen as more likely to communicate as having a clear purpose. The conversation is based on solving a problem. Women tend to communicate to explore how she is feeling and what it is she wishes to elaborate on. While conversing she releases sometimes negative feelings and solidifies her bond with her partner.

Men tend to reduce their depression and stress by neglecting their problems and focusing on other things like playing video games and watching films or dramas on television. Women use makeup in order to look more beautiful. This trend is less developed in men.

How does gender affect the communication process?

One of the major differences in communication between men and women is all in idea thought and process. According to the University of California, Irvine,2005, in relation to the mind along with intelligence men develop more gray brain matter and women develop more white brain matter.

It means a male brain shows more information processing centers, while a female brain exhibits more networking between these processing centers.

Which style of communication is best

There are 4 types of styles of communication passive, aggressive passive-aggressive, and assertive. The assertive style of communication is thought to be the most effective type of communication. Assertive communicators can express their own desires, feelings, ideas, and trends and at the same time consider the needs of others too.

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