Earn real money online instantly

This is a very interesting article about earning real money online. In this section, you will understand how to instantly win real money online. There are different ways of earning money. Some of them are online means through the internet, while many of them offline earn besides the internet.

In this section, you only learn and understand to earn money online. Making youtube videos, running a handsome website, Digital marketing, Affiliate marketing, Instagram posting, Facebook page posting, etc. are some of the common ways to earn money online. All these ways of earning are done on mobile or laptop.


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The first way to earn real money online is to make a youtube video. Youtube is a high-authority website, that allows its customers to earn money by making videos. The video should be free of copyright. The monetization policy of youtube is 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers. If you fulfill the youtube monetization policy, you can apply for ads and earn money.


The second way to earn online money is to run a website. There are two most common types of websites, WordPress and blogging. You have to write a free copyright article of about 1000 words is good. You should have a basic knowledge of keyword research, on the page and off-page SEO to rank your article to the first page of google.

There are different tools for keyword research. Some of them are free and some are paid. I recommend you use the ads.google.com keyword planner and the Hoth keyword. Both are free keyword tools. The ads.google.com keyword planner brings keyword ideas from semrush paid tool.

When the articles on your website start to rank, you can apply your website to google AdSense. If google gives your website AdSense approval, you can earn money. You can earn money depending on the quality of the content.

Affiliate marketing

Digital Marketing

This is a very reasonable way of earning handsome money. Different international companies like Daraz, and Amazon sell their products worldwide. If you have a website and write an SEO-based article on their products and the product sell, they will pay you money in the form of a commission.

Similarly, if you have a youtube channel and publish a video describing Amazon products. When its products will sell, Amazon gives you money in the form of a commission. Also read on TBM.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most popular ways of earning money. There are different digital products like online courses, ebooks, Audiobooks, Kindle books, Software programs, and web elements like WordPress themes. All these products sell on the internet and their selling marketing is called digital marketing.

When you sell any of these products you ultimately earn money. There are many websites on which you can sell your digital products and in return get money.

Instagram and Facebook page

You can also get money by creating posts on Instagram and Facebook pages. You have to engage with the audience who see your posts. When you become popular on these social media, you can get money by creating posts.

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