Dragon fruits in Pakistan

Red dragon fruit

In this section, you will come to know dragon fruits available in Pakistan. Before knowing its availability in Pakistan, let’s first know what it is Dragon fruit. Dragon fruit is also known as the Honolulu Queen and its flowers remain open at night. It is a native plant in Central America and Southern Mexico, but it is grown all over the world now a days.

Dragon fruit is basically also called a strawberry pear or pitahaya. It is a tropical fruit that has become more popular in the present year. Because of its unique color, look, and taste people enjoy a lot eating dragon fruit and study suggests it may provide health benefits as well.

Is Dragon Fruit available in Pakistan?

The Dragon was available in Pakistan before its local production and imported from Thailand, Vietnam and other countries of the world. It is cultivated in South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Peru, the United States, Mesoamerica, Australia,  the Caribbean, and entire of the tropical and subtropical areas of the world. Half-ripe fruits are cut to increase their shelf life, taste, and nutritional value.

Dragon fruit isolated on white background with a clipping path

In Pakistan, its cost price is Rs1599.00/kg. Hylocereus polyrhizus, Hylocereus guatemalensis, and Hylocereus undatus are its three common species. Varieties of these species and their hybrid are grown commercially all over the world.

10 health related benefits of Dragon fruit

There are many health benefits of Dragon fruit, here are 10 benefits are given:

  1. Reduces risk of cancer
  2. Good for digestion
  3. Fights ageing skin
  4. Good for eyes
  5. Good for hair
  6. Excellent for healthy bones
  7. Good during pregnancy
  8. Helps boost immunity
  9. Plays its role to keep the heart healthy
  10. Reduces the risks of Diabetes

Where Dragon fruit was grown for the first time in Pakistan?

Dragon fruit for the first time was in Sadiqabad in the Provence of Punjab in Pakistan. It was grown by the thirty year great effort of gardeners. This fruit can be eaten by dissolving in tea. It is very beneficial for Diabetic patients. Its taste is like the grapes, strawberry and pear. The fruit exists in three different colors e.g. white, orange, and red.

Dragon fruit plant with baby pot

This is a fruit that is exotic of Pitahaya cactus plant.  Dragon fruit contains generous servings of vitamin C, along with very high quantity of antioxidants. This incredible can be grown as ornamental plant indoors or outdoors in almost hot seasonal countries where it will present large white flowers.

This in turn produces an almost endless supply of attractive, grapefruit-sized red fruits, with a very large number of, rather fascinating, tiny, green-tipped, red ‘wings’. When the soft, inedible skin is cut open, the attractively contrasting, delicately-flavored white flesh, studded with tiny edible black seeds is revealed, somewhat similar to “Kiwi Fruits”. 

Fresh organic dragonfruit (pitaya or pitahaya) cut in half, isolated on white background. Creative flat layout with trendy exotic fruit in vibrant bold pink and green colors.

Is dragon fruit a lucky fruit?

The red dragon fruit is a highly propitious fruit, in view of its attractive red color and has the word “dragon” in its name. In Chinese literature the dragon is a highly valued creature, it is an animal of emperors and the only mystical creature in the Chinese trademark.

When this fruit is ripe, it has a mildly sweet taste, which is sometimes described as a mixture of pear and Kiwi, and with a soft appearance or texture similar to ripe kiwi. However, it is flavorless under-ripe fruit. Native to South, and Central America and Mexico the dragon fruit plant is a cactus.

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