Is Kiwi a citrus fruit

This section starts with a question, is Kiwi a citrus fruit? In this section, you will come to whether is kiwi really citrus or not. The internal structure of kiwifruit consists of a central fleshy columella, an inner pericarp along with an outer fleshy pericarp, and the surface skin generally the so-called epicarp. Actinidia deloiciosa … Read more

5 Best vitamins that help to boost your immune system

This is a health-related section. In section, you will learn about the 5 best vitamins that help or assist to boost the immune system in your body. Vitamins, you know are organic substances that help many functions in your body. Though they need in minute quantity, their deficiency causes serious complications in your body. Your … Read more

                  How you communicate your gender to the outside world

In this section, you will be able to learn and understand how you communicate your gender to outside world. Basically, gendered communication emphasizes the difference between verbal and nonverbal communication styles among men and women. Communication is the process of transfer of information from sender to receiver. A sender is a person who sends instructions, … Read more



Contents In this section, you will learn and understand the digestive system of humans. First of all, you will know the parts of the small intestine and their functions. After discussing the small intestine we will discuss about the parts and functions of the large intestine and at the end the functions of the liver. … Read more

Pak vs Eng final match ICC T20 World Cup 2022

In this section, you will come to know the final match ICC T20 world cup2022 played between Pakistan and England. Both teams are strong teams. Pakistan won its first T20 world cup final match in 2009 against Srilanka, while England won its first T20 world cup final match in 2011 against Australia.  Now both teams … Read more