All About Delhi to Auli Tour

All about Dehlio to Auli Tour

One of the most beautiful spots to visit in Auli. Auli has it all, from skiing in the new snow to
viewing the impressive peaks. Auli, which is located on the highest slopes of the Himalayas
and is a well-known tourist destination, does not appear to be overrun by visitors.
Best time to going
Any time of the year is a good time to visit Auli. It is best to visit Delhi to Auli during the
winter, though, as it is a popular skiing destination and is known for its snow-capped
mountains. Though road
obstructions during the winter months could make it challenging to
get here, be sure to inquire about the road conditions before heading there.
Summer: From March to June is Auli’s summer season. Snow, however, won’t be
accessible at this time. Since these mountains are desert, they will be brown with a dusting
of snow atop the summits. The constant temperature of 15 degrees is perfect for escaping
the city’s heat. Due to the excellent weather, you may go on several treks and take part in
sightseeing activities.
Monsoon: In Auli, the monsoon season lasts from July until October. The temperature drops
a little bit more at this period and may drop to 10 degrees. Since mountains are prone to
landslides, be sure to check if any are occurring while you’re there. I advise you to stay away
from Auli during this period because the rain could keep you inside the hotel and make
getting around more challenging.

Winters: Winters: Between November and February, snowfall and temperatures as low as –
8 degrees are to be expected. The ideal timeframe for skiing activities is within this period.
Due to the opportunity to go skiing, many people travel here at this time. But once more, be
sure to check the weather before traveling because Auli occasionally has snowstorms, which
could potentially cause problems for your tour.
Auli, which is 2,800 meters above sea level, provides the most breathtaking views of the
impressive Himalayas. It is located in Uttarakhand, a region known for its stunning natural
scenery. It is located in the upper Himalayan ranges in the Garhwali district.
Places to visit in Auli
Auli offers breathtaking views of the Himalayan Alps. From here, one can see Nanda Devi.
At a height of 7800 meters, the formidable Nanda Devi may be found. The snow-covered
mountains are visible from a distance, and it is soothing to enjoy a cup of tea while observing
them. At sunset, when the entire sky is illuminated in a pink hue, the colors become even
more beautiful. Your “peace of mind” will come at this moment.
The panoramic vista with the towering peaks visible from all four directions will stay in your
eyes forever.
Hanuman Temple
Here is where the Hanuman temple is located. Hanuman Ji is supposed to have taken a nap
here while transporting Sanjivini to Laxman. According to folklore, Laxman, Lord Rama’s
younger brother, was hurt during one of his battles in Sri Lanka. Only the Himalayan plant
known as “Sanjivini” may have provided him with relief. Hanuman Ji flew from Lanka to take
the herb and rested in the newly constructed temple of Auli.
Artificial lake in Auli
Auli is renowned for its highest man-made lake in addition to its highest cable car. This lake
was specifically constructed to produce artificial snow, allowing skiers to enjoy the sport all
year long.
Consequently, the water from this lake is used to provide a nice skiing surface when there is
little snowfall during a given season.
Itinerary of the Delhi to Auli trip
It is simple to take a bus overnight from Delhi to Rishikesh. The government buses depart
from Kashmiri Gate, whereas the private buses depart from Anand Vihar ISBT. Online bus
reservations are available on both public and private websites. However, finding private
buses to Rishikesh right away won’t be an issue.

Early in the morning, you will arrive in Rishikesh, from where you can choose from a variety
of transportation alternatives to get to Auli. The buses leave in the early hours of the day.
Since many tourists travel to Auli from here, you may also request shared taxis.
You can take a bus to Joshimath and then another bus or a cab to get to Auli from there if
you can’t find a bus that goes directly to Auli. These options would be more affordable
considering Joshimath is close to Auli.
Sometime in the evening, you will arrive in Auli. Take a break today and enjoy the scenery.
You’ll fall in love right away.
DAY-3 and 4
The following two days, tour Auli. The days can be divided into two. You can visit the areas
close to Auli one day. The following day, you can go skiing and ride the cable car back and
forth to Joshimath.
Take the first bus that departs from Auli for Rishikesh in the morning. From Auli, it takes
10–12 hours to go to Rishikesh. You can once more board a bus at Rishikesh to travel to Delhi.

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