10 Best Things To Do In North Little Rock

North Little Rock is a city that has seen its fair share of changes over the years. The city was originally founded as a military fort in 1829 and later became home to an important railroad depot. Now it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in Arkansas, with a population just shy of 100,000. Want to book flights check out round-trip flights for great offers and deals

While there are plenty of modern attractions for visitors to see and do, North Little Rock also boasts an interesting history full of fascinating stories about its past—things like the time George Washington visited here or how the Civil War affected life in North Little Rock (notably by destroying many homes).

Check out the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library

The William J. Clinton Presidential Library is located in Little Rock, Arkansas, and is the largest library of its kind. It houses the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum which is a tribute to Bill Clinton’s presidency. 

The library contains artifacts from his eight years as President of the United States including gifts that were given to him by world leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter, Mikhail Gorbachev, Fidel Castro, and Boris Yeltsin (to name a few).

Attend a concert at Verizon Arena

There are few things more pleasing than seeing your favorite artist perform live. Verizon Arena, located in North Little Rock, Arkansas is the largest arena in the state of Arkansas and has hosted concerts by everyone from Beyoncé to Toby Keith. The venue can seat up to 14,000 guests and is regularly home to popular events like WWE Live Tour, as well as Broadway, shows such as Disney On Ice Frozen & Aladdin Jr…

Walk across the Arkansas River via Big Dam Bridge

The Big Dam Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that spans the Arkansas River in North Little Rock, connecting the two sides of the city. It’s a great place to view both sides of the city and take in all that’s around you. The bridge provides spectacular views of both downtown and the Arkansas River, as well as various historical landmarks such as Settler’s Park and UAM Natural History Museum.

Visit Fort Roots National Historic Landmark

Fort Roots National Historic Landmark is one of the most important Civil War sites in Arkansas. It was built during the Civil War by Confederate troops, who named it after General Albert Pike. Fort Roots is situated on the north side of the Arkansas River and never came under attack by Union forces.

Take in the exhibits at the Museum of Discovery

The Museum of Discovery is a great place to learn about science, technology, history, and culture. The museum has exhibits on dinosaurs, space travel, and robotics that kids will love. There are also exhibits on the history of North Little Rock, Arkansas, and even the Civil War.

Explore North Little Rock’s past at Lakewood Village

Lakewood Village is a living history museum, where you can get a glimpse into life in North Little Rock during the early 20th century. It’s fun for all ages and free admission makes it easy to visit on your trip with the family. Lakewood Village has buildings from different eras of history, including one that was built in 1823 and another built-in 1900. 

There are also many other buildings from between those years that have been restored to show how families lived before electricity became widely available or when automobiles were still rare sights on city streets. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time as you explore this fascinating museum!

Catch a show at Argenta Community Theatre

The Argenta Community Theatre is a historic, restored movie palace that hosts live music and theatre performances. The theatre is located on Main Street in Argenta District and serves as a

neighborhood gathering place for all ages. The Argenta Community Theatre was built in 1912 by the Hippodrome Theater Company and was originally called the Hippodrome Theater. It was designed by architect Henry C. 

Trost served as an entertainment space for silent movies until 1928 when it was converted into a vaudeville house with live acts performed on stage. In 1962, it became known as the Coronet Theater after being purchased by Western Auto Supply Co., which renamed it Coronet Cinema IV (and later V) due to its location next door to another establishment called Coronet Cinema III at 1215 Main St., North Little Rock.

Shop and dine on Main Street in Argenta District

The Argenta District is a fun place to visit and shop. Some many small shops and restaurants are perfect for an afternoon stroll or a weekend getaway. The Argenta District has free parking, making it easy to meet up with friends while you shop and dine on Main Street. It’s also very easy to find gifts in this area, so take advantage of the great shopping opportunities if you’re looking for something special!

Hike through Burns Park

Hiking through Burns Park is a great way to spend an afternoon. This popular park has several trails,

including the popular Razorback Greenway Trail, which runs along the Arkansas River and through the center of North Little Rock. 

It’s also famous for hosting many festivals throughout the year, including its annual Blues on the River festival and its Oktoberfest celebration. With so many opportunities to enjoy yourself outdoors in this part of town, it’s no wonder that hikers make up one of Burns Park’s largest demographics!

If hiking isn’t your thing but you’re still looking for something active to do with friends or family members, consider trying out zip lining at nearby Adventure Quest Zip Line Safari instead! This unique experience will allow you to experience first-hand how it feels like flying over trees without ever leaving the earth’s surface!

Go to a game at Dickey-Stephens Park

If you are a baseball fan, then Dickey-Stephens Park is the place to be. The ballpark is home to the Arkansas Travelers, a Double-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers. With a capacity of more than 7,500 people and located in the heart of North Little Rock, it is one of America’s most beautiful ballparks.

The park was named after two local sports legends: Pete Dickey (a former Brooklyn Dodgers player) and Bill Stephens (an outfielder for multiple MLB teams).

Have fun visiting North Little Rock.

There are many things to do in North Little Rock, Arkansas. You can visit the Clinton Library and

Museum, see the Big Dam Bridge, or browse through shops on Main Street. Or you could spend an evening at Dickey-Stephens Park watching the Travelers play baseball. There’s something for everyone!

North Little Rock has a lot of great things to offer visitors and residents alike. Take some time this weekend and go explore what it has to offer!


There’s a lot to do in North Little Rock, and it’s only getting better. The Arkansas River has long been one of the city’s most important resources, but now it’s also a huge attraction for locals and tourists alike. There are so many great things to do in North Little Rock that we could have listed them all here! 

But if you’re looking for some suggestions on how best to spend your time in this vibrant Arkansas community then check out our list above. Want to rent a car check out the best car rental deals for great offers and deals.

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